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Tuition in Physics for International High School Students

IB, A-Level, AP, French Baccalaureat etc.
Your child needs support in Science?
You are at the right place!

Whether your teenager needs to be placed back on tracks with his study of Physics, or just wishes to improve his grades, You are at the right place: Yes, armed with years of successful experience as a physics tutor helping teenagers and young adults in Sciences, Edouard, himself a PhD in physical-chemistry, can be an invaluable resource for the high school physics student.

The tuition Edouard proposes is much more than helping a student with his homework: After evaluating the situation, he builds or repairs the foundations on which the student can develop a solid understanding of Physics that will last all of his life. And what’s more, the approach Edouard takes will make the student enjoy the process!

Individualized, Customized ​Learning ​Plans.
Because every student is unique.

During a tutoring session with Edouard, knowledge flows in both directions: while Edouard teaches, he also observes and gathers information about how the student reacts to the concepts presented. This allows him to review the situation in regards to the potential theoretical gaps that the student experiences.
He works to fill up those gaps by applying an individualised teaching strategy, that also integrates the psychology of the student. With such an approach, the tutor makes sure that the student gets well-armed for higher scholar levels or University.

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Every child can perform well.
The teacher just needs to push the right buttons.

Excelling in what is taught in high school is attainable by any student. It is the psychology of a child shaped by his history, his past difficulties and successes, and his relations with others that is the main driver of his scholar performances.

During his experience teaching many children and young adults from 6 up to 23 years old, Edouard has noticed this common trait: it is the perception of oneself that will dictate the capacity to succeed. This is where Edouard acts by drawing the strength of the student upfront and showing him or her what he/she is capable of. The results never fail to amaze…

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From Grade 9 till the Final Exams
Ensure that your teen gets the support he needs!

Edouard focuses on Physics, but will make sure that to patch up any knowledge gap in the mathematics that are needed for a good understanding of sciences in general. He teaches Physics up to the final high school exams (Grades 12/13) and can provide a solid support for new students in mathematics and chemistry up to Grade 10. 

Edouard specialised in the International Baccalaureat and A-Levels curricula. He has also experience in teaching other diploma programs like AP Physics and the French Baccalaureat.

Edouard Reny, Physics Tutor for high School Students

” Mr Reny is brilliantly capable of engineering into his students that all important connection between theory and practical application in the real world. ”

Mrs Christina N.

” Edouard has done a fantastic job in helping me catch up in Physics. After having fallen behind, I was honestly worried I wouldn’t pass, until Edouard started tutoring me.”

Andrea R. (student)

” Mr. Reny has been an excellent communicator with myself, providing regular feedback on my daughter’s work and progress. I think that my daughter has had a great benefit having Edouard as her teacher, and I recommend him without reservation, as I know you will find him a most dedicated and helpful tutor.” 

Mrs Albena V.

Edouard Reny, Physics Tutor for high School Students