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Physics Made Easy

The Youtube Channel for High School Students in Physics

A Youtube channel dedicated to high school students in Physics 

Mid 2016, Edouard realised he could help many more students by producing videos that deal with complex concepts in Physics and post them on the Internet. He created a Youtube channel, Physics Made Easy, that is constantly growing  in popularity. This channel has a little more than 90 videos dealing with atomic physics, waves, electricity, particle physics etc..

The kind words, and gratitude of so many students around the world encourages Edouard to produce more videos, so subscribe to the channel and stay tuned!

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Physics tries to answer the question of how our Universe works.
Do you want to learn about what physics actually is? Why it’s so awesome?
So join me on a journey to understand the amazing universe we live in!

Physics Made Easy presents crash course videos exploring the main areas of Physics via lessons and high school exam preparation (IB Physics and A-Level past papers).

Physics is the study of the basic principles that govern the physical world around us.

And this world is amazing… so tighten your seat belts, and enjoy the journey!

Edouard Reny, Physics Tutor for high School Students