E. Reny Tutoring Services

Tutoring Sessions

Edouard Reny, Ph.D. in Physical – Chemistry, offers tuition in Physics up to IB high level and A Levels.

The support language for the tuition is English or French.

The sessions take place online (Skype, Google Meet, etc.). 

Provide your child with the best chance to succeed: contact Edouard!

Content of a standard session

The first tutoring sessions are aimed at getting to know the student, assessing the situation, identifying knowledge gaps and defining the best approach to boost efficacy. This analysis structures the learning strategy that is implemented in future sessions. 

A common structure in all sessions consists in a theoretical review of what has been taught at school, followed by oral questions and written exercises. If some knowledge gaps are found, these are addressed in detail before pursuing further.

Connection between scholar knowledge and the real world are forged in order to get the student truly interested in the topic. If possible, and with the agreement of the student we may go ahead of the school schedule: Having prior knowledge helps the student profit more effectively of the lessons provided at school.

A continuous support

A tutor is not only a person that helps the student do his homework. It is our belief that the role of a tutor is to do everything in his power to help the student succeed.

This is why email support is provided when the student encounters a difficulty and needs punctual help.

In addition, on a regular basis, a feedback is provided to the parents by the tutor. Such feedback includes observations made during the sessions and suggestions for action that may smoothen the learning difficulties the student experiences.

These extra services are part of the standard tuition rates and therefore do not come at any extra costs.

General Tutoring / Coaching

In addition to his specialisation in physical and chemical sciences, Edouard has experience in general tutoring / coaching. He therefore proposes sessions aimed at guiding the student with his work in all subjects up to year 9 .

The tuition will consist in filling any knowledge gap and helping the student to grasp specific concepts taught at school. Moreover, Edouard will teach him / her how to learn effectively, and therefore reaching the objective of preparing the students for higher scholar levels and University.

Rates and other information

A tuition consists of one or two sessions per week depending on the need of the student. 90% of the time, once a week is enough.

For Grade 10 and lower, the ideal length of a session is 1.5 h.

For Grade 11 and higher (DP programs, end of high school), the sessions last 2 hours. By experience, it is by far the most effective format.

The rate is 135 Euros per 2-hour session (110 euro per 90-minute session). Invoices come monthly with a detailed progress report. Payment can be done by standard SEPA brank transfers (preferred) or by Paypal (with an extra 5% fee). In most situations, the lessons are exempt of VAT.

Cancellation policy:
A session is not be billed if cancelled more than 72 hours in advance,
A session will be billed 50% if cancelled less than 72 hours in advance,
A session will be billed 100% if cancelled the day it takes place.
exceptions to this policy can apply in exceptional situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first session are for me the means to evaluate the situation of the student. Based on this, I will devise a customised pedagogy adapted to his way of seeing things. The 15-18 year old range is where the transition between childhood and adulthood operates. Consequently I pay a special  attention that my approach evolves with the student to optimise the efficiency of the learning experience.
This strategy has proven very successful over the years.

  • Email support
  • Detailed progress reports are provided monthly to the parents
  • Booklets containing easy-to-read lesson notes , exercises and exam training.
  • Free access to all my paying content online (video courses)
  • Engineering school in Material Sciences (ISMRa Caen, FR, 93 – 95)
  • PhD in Solid State Chemistry (University of Bordeaux, FR, 96 – 99)
  • Post-Doctorate in Solid State Chemistry (University of Hiroshima, JP, 99 – 01)
  • Senior Research Chemist, (Nalco, Leiden, NL, 02 – 13)
  • Independent Music Producer (13 – today)
  • Independent Physics Tutor (14 – today) 

Yes! I can provide Mathematics and Chemistry tuition up to Grade 10. 
Within the scope of the Physics Tuition, I can provide punctual support in Mathematics up to the last year of High School.

Yes, if the student is located close to my place of residence (Morbihan, France), the sessions can occur at my home or at the student’s home.

Every month, along with the progress report, the parents receive an invoice.

The payment can be processed by SEPA bank transfer (preferred).
Alternatively, the payment can be carried out via PayPal (for an extra 5% fee). 

If none of these systems work out for the customer, payment using a cryptocurrency can be discussed. 

Yes, for the DP programs, I provide the student with support booklets. These contain physics concepts written in a langage adapted to teenagers. These contain also many exercises (and solved examples) that the student can use to train on.  

I have been supporting teenagers in their studies of Physics since 2013 (around 120-150 students in total). The pass rate is > 95%.
In addition, I taught Crystallography at University during my academic years.

_ I developed an educational channel on Youtube: Physics Made Easy. It contains many videos where the student can review some basic notions, train on exam exercises or just enjoy a playful approach to physics.
_ My experience as a physics teacher has taught me which areas of physics students find challenging. So, I produced video courses to help these students. I offer free access to all my content to the students I support via a tuition.
_ A few years ago, I have been teaching physics physics to high school students in defavorised suburbs of Nigeria (voluntarily work). This was carried out online. Given the opportunity, I will repeat this very enriching experience.

My teaching agenda is often very full, therefore I had to implement a policy for late cancellation or no-shows:

  • A session is not be billed if cancelled more than 72 hours in advance,
  • A session will be billed 50% if cancelled less than 72 hours in advance,
  • A session will be billed 100% if cancelled the day it takes place.
  • exceptions to this policy can apply in exceptional situations.
Edouard Reny, Physics Tutor for high School Students